Goals: Living Beyond Hope

If you want what you have never had

Episode 1

Working toward a goal is challenging to say the least. I have been on a lifestyle change and have learned a lot about what it means to work hard toward a goal. Through this series I will be sharing those learnings. Yes, I will use my weight loss goal as an example along with many others, but these principles relate to any goal and I will do my best to show that along the way. Episode 1 dives into the idea that we know what needs to change. The bigger question isn’t what the goal is but what things must we start doing to achieve the goal. 

Goals: Living Beyond Hope

Today is Your Last Best Chance

Episode 2

In episode two Greg dives into the struggles we face simply to get started when we set a goal. It is also one of the most pivotal times as we can often get stuck in the 'I will start this on Monday cycle.' Join Greg as continues to share learnings from his personal wellness goal.

Goals: Living Beyond Hope

Now the Struggle...

Episode 3

It wont be long into your goal process that you realize you are going to have struggles. How we deal with these struggles is crucial in meeting our goals. Join Greg as he talks about what we often want to do during struggle and what we should instead force ourselves to do.

Goals: Living Beyond Hope

Reflection Episode 1-3

Episode 4

Join Greg and Jenny as they discuss the first three principles in our goals series.

Goals: Living Beyond Hope

If you think you Can

Episode 5

Our mindset and self-talk are what will determine the achievement of our goals. Henry Ford said it simply, "If you think you can or cant you're right." Join Greg as he shares the number one change in his journey.